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2022 College World Series Preview Part 1

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

To determine the projected outcome of two teams on a neutral field subtract the difference in ratings. So if team A has a rating of 80 and team B has a rating of 75 team A would be projected to win by 5 runs.

Oklahoma (Big 12)

Record- (42-22)

Rating- 16.28

Eye Test Rank- 9

Strength of Schedule- 10

Record vs Quad 1/2- (31-16) .660

-arrives at Omaha having knocked off both Florida and Virginia Tech on the road, offense put up 24 runs in 3 super regional games on the Hokies pitching staff which ranks in the top 60 in ERA

Texas A&M (SEC)

Record- (42-18)

Rating- 16.63

Eye Test Rank- 3

Strength of Schedule-18

Record vs Quad 1/2- (27-16) .628

-the Aggies return to Omaha for the 1st time since 2017 under 1st year coach Jim Schlossnagle who made 5 trips to Omaha while at TCU including 4 straight from 2014-2017

Notre Dame (ACC)

Record- (40-15)

Rating- 16.49

Eye Test Rank- 8

Strength of Schedule- 33

Record vs Quad 1/2- (23-9) .719

-the Irish enter the World Series riding high having knocked off the top seed Tennessee in Knoxville, have relied on great pitching (12th nationally in ERA) and defense (13th national in fielding %) all season long

Texas (Big 12)

Record- (47-20)

Rating- 16.57

Eye Test Rank- 5

Strength of Schedule- 24

Record vs Quad 1/2- (27-20) .574

-the Longhorns have somewhat flown under the radar as the 9th seed breezing through their regional before knocking off ECU on the road in the super regional, potent offensive lineup put up 53 runs in 6 postseason game

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