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NFL Week 9 Injury Updates

Arizona- Kyler Murray is questionable for Sunday’s game against the 49ers, no other QB has seen action so far this year so the Cardinals rating will be OFF if Murray is unable to play

Carolina- if QB Sam Darnold does not play the Panthers rating will drop to 25.81 with backup Phillip Walker against the Patriots

Green Bay- Aaron Rodgers is out vs the Chiefs, backup Jordan Love hasn’t seen significant playing time yet this year so the Packers rating is OFF for Sunday’s game

Houston- QB Tyrod Taylor returns at this week moving the Texans rating up to 25.97 going into their game Sunday against Miami

Miami- backup QB Jacoby Brissett has put up similar numbers to Tua Tagovailoa, if Tua doesn’t play the Dolphins ratings will move up slightly to 27.66 against the Texans

New Orleans- QB Trevor Siemian will start for the Saints, their rating is 37.5 going into Sunday’s game against Atlanta

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