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Why Trust Eye Test Analytics

My ratings have been met with skepticism since I launched my website last August. There are plenty of NFL rating systems out there, but if you want the most accurate and reliable here is why you should get on board with Eye Test Analytics! Last season Eye Test Analytics predicted the final score within .35 points per game accuracy relative to the oddsmakers. The oddsmakers, however, have the advantage of factoring injuries, motivation, and momentum. These are key elements in determining the projected outcome of a game. Early in the season the numbers can be skewed, especially, if a team plays a really good or bad game. Therefore, the first few weeks I factor in a team’s preseason rating which is basically their final rating from the past season with a few minor adjustments depending on the number of returning starters and if they underwent a head coaching change. With each passing week throughout the season as I get a larger sample size of data the accuracy of my ratings goes up exponentially. From Week 14 thru the Super Bowl last year Eye Test Analytics outperformed the oddsmakers by .28 points per game. Eye Test Analytics was one of if not the only NFL ratings system that kept the Titans out of the top 5 for the entirety of the season. The Titans went on to lose in the Divisional round of the Playoffs. Eye Test Analytics also kept the Packers out of top spot despite finishing with the best record in the NFL along with another MVP season from Aaron Rodgers. Like the Titans the Packers also had an early exit in the Playoffs losing at home to 49ers in the Divisional round. Eye Test Analytics also predicted the Super Bowl matchup between the Bengals and Rams with .96 points of the final score ending the year on a high note. There is no offseason for Eye Test Analytics. Once the season is over I collect and analyze data and make adjustments to my formula to improve the accuracy for the following season. So with that being said, expect another strong showing from Eye Test Analytics this NFL season!

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